Software Services

NMR supports a wide range of Dairy software programs providing
the farmer with comprehensive management systems. We also
support the major parlour manufacturers and specialise in the
provision of integrated parlour solutions.

InterHerd Plus

NMR is continuously looking for new and exciting ways to present the vast amounts of data available to the modern dairy farmer.  We have a dedicated software development team and in-house programmers but also have forged great links with software companies and parlour manufacturers to create innovative and practical solutions for managing the dairy herd.   We provide on-site training with all our software and have a team of fully trained staff available to help if you have any issues or questions.

NMR's software suite includes standalone software, web based systems, mobile software and parlour linked systems and are used by all sizes of dairy herds, vets, feed reps and consultants.  So whether you are a first-time software user, starting with our ImpelPRO package or a vet requiring the advanced analysis available in InterHerd+, we should have a system for you.

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Silent Herdsman Heat Detection